Technical Projects Department

Our design office has several qualified engineers with extensive experience in the field of technological solutions in industry. The organizational chart of the office is based on Project Leaders coordinating individual project areas and performing author’s supervision over the physical implementation of the task. We develop our own innovations, as well as being in constant contact with companies introducing new solutions to the market, we update our technical knowledge.

The construction of technological lines is one of the main divisions of our company. The responsibility for the order lies with the Project Engineers, starting from the concept and design phase, through the author’s supervision over the execution and implementation, as well as planning and implementation itself, to commissioning and after-sales service – creating a dedicated solution, created especially for a specific project.

In designing, we support with the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate software, which includes: Inventor Professional, Autocad Mechanical, Autocad ReCap, Navisworks. We also use other dedicated engineering software.

We treat each order as a new challenge, we consider it individually and plan it to optimally implement it. We do not always create everything anew – we also make responsible and future adaptations of the existing state.

We are not only a producer, but we also feel responsible for the effective functioning of our devices during operation.

We carry out complete multi-industry projects and individual industry projects – mechanical, electrical, pipe, sanitary, and design of industrial devices and installations dedicated to individual applications.

A specific type of project is performance and security analysis for devices and their environment, which results in process automation to eliminate these threats and increase efficiency.

We carry out a feasibility study and technical review

We develop concepts by creating a virtual prototype in 3D CAD software

We design dedusting and pneumatic transport installations

We develop process technology and P&ID diagrams

We prepare visualizations and plan the implementation technology

We develop projects for the reconstruction and adaptation of industrial equipment

We design machines, devices and technological lines

We develop operating instructions
We design steel and sheet metal constructions

We design hydraulic and pneumatic systems

We carry out complete projects of installations and devices – from the technological concept, through the concepts and 3D plan for the construction of the device to the executive drawings

At the measurement and quality control stages, we support 3D scanning with a Trimble SX10 total station, which records 3D data at a speed of up to 26.600 points per second, at a distance of up to 600m. The device is particularly useful when:

  • Precise relocation of machines (marking and measuring machine settings, stake out installation points in the target location, setting machines after relocation, setting control based on measurements from the place of initial installation)
  • As-built measurements of infrastructure and buildings
  • Tank calibration and control
  • Dimensional control of devices and installations