About Enki

ENKI was founded in 2009 as a limited liability company. Since the beginning of our business, we have completed a number of projects in Poland and abroad. We continue to prove that by choosing us, you choose the best partner. Our customers’ full satisfaction with us is attested to by their repeated orders and references.
The priority area for our business is Poland, where we have already completed a number of prestigious projects and installations. Our business is not limited geographically, however, since we have completed projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and both North and South America. We successfully pursue our core strategy, offering comprehensive solutions to technical problems to our partners industry-wide.


Mission and values

A company is the people who work in it, ENKI’s motto, harmonises with our mission, which is ‘to deliver to our customers state-of-the-art and effective technical solutions and to optimise existing solutions in terms of reliability and performance’. We believe that only highly qualified and committed workers can meet the high expectations of our customers. With the personal commitment of our staff and their constant striving for professional excellence, ENKI Ltd., in just a few years of doing business, has won not only the trust of its customers, but also a reputation as a reliable technical service provider. We offer technical consulting on mechanical, electrical, automation and maintenance projects, supported by our wide range of design and supervision authorisations.


The core of ENKI’s business, regardless of the size of the project, is always:

  • reliability and safety
  • quality and flexibility
  • experience and expertise
  • partnership and honesty

We use a proven model for project management, and Quality Control is part of our everyday life.