Flexibility is our main asset in this area. One of the critical factors for the success of a manufacturing company is the uninterrupted operation of machinery and equipment in the manufacturing process and awareness of its actual status and capacities. With the advance of technology, more and more modern equipment is being used by even small companies.

The use of advanced CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems) tools and computer systems for maintenance support is of critical importance for the correct operation of equipment and production lines. ENKI uses the CMMS-Asset Master system and, more importantly, this system is used by experienced staff who are fully cognisant of the benefits of the proper use of this tool.

ENKI instructs its partners in, and supports planning of, preventative activity projects, maintenance operations and design related to future preventative maintenance needs.

We develop action packages to increase the productivity and technical accessibility of a given facility. This is achieved through audits, training, workshops and classes to provide specialised knowledge in modern maintenance technologies. We optimise business and technical processes for fixed-asset management.

Continuous support and management of industrial infrastructure, lines and buildings

Monitoring of machinery and equipment condition

Maintenance, current and periodic inspections

Support for maintenance staff during maintenance and general shutdowns

Inspection of facilities and infrastructure, shutdown planning and major overhauls

Spare-part management

Facility optimisation

Material management: maintaining full availability of materials with minimum inventory levels, resulting in fast availability of parts with minimum commitment of resources.

Full service partnership:
  • we support companies from equipment technology to process automation
  • rmaintenance activities included in facility service: inspection, maintenance and repairs, spare-part management, and software and software tools for maintenance of facilities, with the overall goal of keeping everything in good repair
  • comprehensive inspections of facilities and planning of resultant shutdowns and major overhauls
  • upgrade projects: infrastructure modernisation and expansion leading to financial benefits