Relocation of process lines and infrastructures

Another significant part of our business is relocation projects for production lines,Relokacje linii technologicznych individual devices and equipment assemblies and, often, of entire industrial facilities. Globalisation forces production companies to optimise production costs, which leads to internal reconfiguration or moving entire plants to new locations. Relocation of individual machines, equipment and infrastructure is a complex task requiring precise organisation. With extensive experience in this field, ENKI has successfully completed many such jobs in Poland, Europe and Africa.

Logistics tasks are supervised and organized by project leaders, supported by IT systems. The gear needed for transport and placement of heavy machinery is standard equipment at our company. Transport and services involving especially heavy machinery are subcontracted to our reliable partners. This enables us to offer cost-effective solutions in this field.

Developing, planning and execution of process and handling line relocation projects

Reconfiguration of equipment and infrastructure, adaptation to new operating conditions, updating of documentation

Schedule planning for: disassembly/assembly work, logistics of repair and reconditioning, equipment restructuring

Logistics solutions for transport of machinery

Arranging transport by road, sea and on plant premises

Relocation services include:

Development and implementation of relocation projects for production lines and equipment:
  • scheduling of disassembly, repair, reconditioning and assembly activities
  • relocation of equipment and adaptation to new working conditions
  • organisation of internal transport
  • working and as-built documentation, documentation upgrades
Logistics solutions for transport of machinery and equipment:
  • packaging and protection of dismantled machine parts
  • proprietary IT solutions for marking and labelling (databases)
  • scheduling of work, minimising time of logistics operations
  • organisation of internal transport, road, sea and air transport

Relocation of process lines and infrastructures