Equipment and plant design

We deal with comprehensive multi-discipline and single-discipline projects – mechanical, electrical, piping, and sanitary systems – and custom-design industrial equipment to individual applications.

When necessary, a performance study and safety assessment for the equipment and its surroundings are also a part of the project. One specific type of project is process automation, to eliminate risks and increase efficiency. We use modern CAD/CAM tools to evaluate the ergonomics and effectiveness of equipment and systems before proceeding with their implementation.

Complete plant and equipment design – from concept to execution drawings

Developing process technology and P&IDs

Design of machinery and equipment, including development of manuals

Design of steel and sheet metal structures

Design of dedusting, pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Developing visualisation and production technologies

Industrial equipment remodelling and adaptation projects

Our projects are tailored to the needs of the customer. We specialize in designing custom equipment and developing technical documentation for new equipment.

The services of our design office also include:

Development of investment plans and process technology:
  • visualisation of process lines and facility management plans
  • creating P&IDs and process flowcharts
  • budgeting planned projects, determining rates of return
Custom design and development of technical documentation for new equipment:
  • conveyors, internal and process conveying lines
  • design of steel and sheet metal structures
  • dedusting, pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • design of pneumatic conveying and separation systems
  • 2D drawings and development of manuals
Industrial equipment reconfiguration and adaptation projects:
  • Inventory of customer’s equipment, drawing up documentation for planned
  • changes, development of maintenance and operating manuals, assessing
  • compliance with the EU Machinery Directive
  • design of adaptation and support components
Development of complete drawing documentation:
  • reconditioning of modified and rebuilt spare parts and mechanical components
  • developing technologies for manufacturing components and units
  • visual modelling of machine parts and mechanisms

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