Industrial automation

Modern solutions in the industry guaranteeing high efficiency and production safety, require innovative solutions. The automation of manufacturing processes on the production lines, allows the quality and efficiency of production to increase. It also provides more pleasant work for the operators – tedious and monotonous tasks are eliminated, comfortable and simple operation of the machines remains. In addition, it enables effective and efficient media parameters and technological processes supervision, as well as ensures full safety and repeatability.

We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying our clients with advanced industrial automation systems for many years. Enki offers reliable and safe solutions, e.g. in the field of the control systems, visualization and management of production processes, which are all comprehensive and tailor-made.

The PLC programming

Programming of HMI and SCADA visualization systems

Optimization and modification of the automation and control systems

Design of robotic stations

Design of power supply and control systems – Electrical design

Design of instrumentation and control systems (I&C)

Design of industrial control panels

Design of machine safety systems

Design of propulsion systems and drives configuration

Design of pneumatic installations

Modification and actualization of electrical documentation

We put emphasis on making our solutions safe and easy to use. All possible solutions are consulted with the Client, to fully adapt our proposal to the requirements. The projects created in the Automation Department in cooperation with the Technical Projects Department, are carried out by ENKI’s workshop employees (Electrical, Assembly, and Workshop Departments). As a result, designers have full control over the implemented project. This close cooperation ensures the maximum adaptation to customer requirements and smooth modification of the project.

At the Client’s request, after the implementation and launch of the project, we provide training for the operators and production assistance, which is aimed to introduce improvements of the device to maximally adapt it to the Customer.

ENKI designs professional automatic control systems based on the latest global trends. We use innovative components from recognized companies specializing in industrial automation. During the process of designing solutions in the field of industrial automation, we use licensed software packages.

In the field of industrial automation, we specialise in the following processes:

  • creating transport and storage systems
  • creating control systems for complete production lines
  • integration of new positions with monitoring and supervision systems
  • creating complete production stations according to individual, dedicated projects in cooperation with the Technical Projects Department
  • implementation of monitoring and supervision systems, along with visualization of production and technological processes

We are still expanding the scope of activities and expanding the range of our specializations. We are eager to cooperate in projects beyond the scope listed on this page.If you have any further questions – do not hesitate to contact us. Call the Department of Industrial Automation (phone +48 12 647 10 55) or contact directly with one of our workers.

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