Manufacture of equipment, instrumentation and machinery

In our workshops we build equipment for various production plants. We can manufacture the equipment according to the customer’s specifications or based on our own design. We also offer machining, metalworking and tooling services.
Our electronic engineers build control-and-supply, inverter and instrumentation cabinets.
Production of a broad range of mechanical equipment
Production of tanks, mixers, and media cabinets
Production of spare parts and components
Construction of power supply and control cabinets
Construction of LV switchgears
Construction of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and valve terminals
Assembly of complete objects with accompanying installations:
  • pmanufacture of equipment, instrumentation and machinery
  • manufacture of a broad range of mechanical equipment: belt, roller, vibration, worm and screening conveyors, separators, containers, tippers and many other machines
  • manufacture of steel support structures and lightweight structures, maintenance platforms, gangways, tanks
  • bmanufacture of process equipment, valve terminals, media cabinets, mixers, process tanks
  • manufacture of control and supply cabinets, inverter cabinets, LV switchgears, pneumatic and hydraulic cabinets, valve and instrumentation terminals
  • manufacture of spare parts and components – reconstruction from a sample or specifications
    machining services (conventional) – turning, milling, boring, coordinate machining and grinding
  • structural metalworking and tooling – machining (conventional)
  • welding (gas, electrical, MIG, TIG, electrode, fusion welding), plate rolling, eccentric and edge bending, shear cutting and surface repair by build-up welding

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